Grooming & Prices

Grooming at The Dog Spaw is unique for each dog we groom and so are our prices. The correct price usually involves a personal consultation with the groomer for your dog’s first experience with us.

What do we consider?

1.  Breed (different cuts for each breed)

2.  Size (small, medium, or large) we groom them all

3.  Type of hair (straight or curly)

4.  Hair condition (straight or curly, matted or tangled)

5.  Skin condition (healthy, dry & damaged)

6.  Health (special care may be required)

7.  Age (elderly dogs require gentle care)

8.  Weather (the season may affect the cut length)

9.  Disposition (gentle or difficult)

We believe you will find our prices quite reasonable and we promise to pamper your pet while in our care. We will be happy to offer an estimated price range over the phone, and we invite your inquiry.

Each dog is different in size and need, so we try to base our prices by breed.  We know that some dogs may not be of one breed, but a mixture.  We try to determine what breed your dog most resembles.

Our groomers and staff each have over 10+ years experience in the dog grooming industry.  

Our all-natural shampoo line includes specialty shampoos, alternatives to pesticide shampoos, conditioners, optimizers/colognes, and medicated shampoos. All shampoos are all natural, alcohol and paraffin free.